One is a Flamenco guitarist, the other an accordionist, a  trailblazer with Zakouska and the Summer Rebellion. Maël Goldwaser and Arthur Bacon engage here in a duet with delicacy and quick responses. Their compositions summon in turn Flamenco’s deep singing and Gus Viseur’s musette for stormy exchanges on how to proceed. An infinite game of ping pong asking the only questions worth asking , namely : where’s the limit ? who is watching us ? How to stray without getting lost ? Why a pink flamingo ? The duet takes us along curiously restrained improvisations until the breaking point when tradition and modernism ignite.

There are two types of people who leave a mark on aspiring musicians : inacessible legends and certain inspirational people encountered during our formative years. The first times I remember Arthur Bacon go  back to evenings spent along the riverbanks in Strasbourg. His communicative energy, the expressiveness of his playing and his physical commitment struck me at once.

Ever since I wondered how we could some day build a project together. So he was naturally the first who came to my mind when I was invited by Cave Poésie for  a Carte Blanche. Playing with Arthur gives me the possibility of enhancing my compositions with new Flamenco-inspired rythmical structures and to more generally elaborate within this tradition’s substance with more freedom. This project equally gives me the opportunity  to test a number of traits I developped composing for a solo guitar.