Meritxell Martin Calvo / En Adelante

A dancer, shoes, elastic: a relationship to the transmission.
The dancer carries the baggage tied to the roots.
Is she trying to reconnect? To forget? To go ? To stay? Little by little, the trace of the roots is inevitably revealed. These roots that constrain us while feeding us. Part of the invisible self that yet carries us and that we carry. Paradox of identity.

Meritxell Martin Clavo: “In this work, I seek to highlight a new way of being face to the dance, to define who I am from now on. For that, I create a space in which I write, by means of improvisation and exploration techniques related to the contemporary dance, leaving traces that the flamenco left in me. In this highlighting of my links to the flamenco tradition, I try to abandon the “fold” taken unconsciously for a long time: to pay homage to flamenco, the movements learned, so many times repeated, in search of a form to the detriment the substance and the purpose. I immersed myself in a new way of discovering dance: removing what covers, sometimes stifling, tradition.
Basically, to question this relationship with the tradition of which I am the heir, is it not to confront me with a question that everyone asks at least once in his life? As René Char notes in Feuillets d’Hypnos: “Our inheritance is not preceded by any testament. » We all receive, without instructions, ways of doing or thinking, maxims, habits, beliefs, an inheritance that flow unconsciously into our veins until we decide, so as not to repeat eternally the past, to appropriate them in order to open new ways where chance finally brings the unexpected.”


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